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Suspect apprehended narrates how they swap stolen phones



How we swap phones with fake ones – suspect Officers of the Rapid Response Squad (RRS), of the Lagos State Police command have nabbed two suspects who specialize in the selling of phones and gadgets on the online shopping platform – Only to swap them with a fake one on delivery to the customer. The two suspects who were arrested were Chukwu Emeka Ogbonna aged 45 and Olabode Kehinde aged 34 both men working at computer village as phone technicians, Ikeja. The suspected members alongside other fleeing members, they lure unaware and unsuspecting customers to computer village where they fraudulently collect money from buyers who come to receive their pre-ordered commodity. In the process of exchanging goods they show the original phones to their customer. After the buyer has confirmed the goods he/she wants to buy, the suspects with his gang members, he arranges some boys to distract the buyer so he can have the time to swap the phones. Some members of the suspected crime were said to have fraudulently collect millions of naira from unsuspecting customers who intend to buy vehicles advertised on the online platform. The two suspects were arrested at olowu are around ikeja, three days after they successfully sold a fake phone to a buyer for 120,000 naira. They revealed during the interrogation that they also exchanged fake notes or paper money, which they give to them as change after collecting original money from their customers. During interrogation they revealed their mode of operation, they advertise with the original iphone X on and when they get a buyer they would supply with the original iphone X and the fake one at hand after convincing the buyer with the original one he arranges boys to distract the customer so he can have enough time to exchange the phone with the fake one. He sold the phone #120,000 which he and his accomplice both shared. His partner in crime allegedly collected #100,000 and an iphone 6s from a man supposedly named Obinna with the plan of swapping the phone with an iphone X but ended up fraudulently swapping the iphone X with a fake one. Ogbonna telling the police he stopped doing it at a time but resumed because he needed money to feed his family According to him “Times are hard, we are many doing it we call it street hustling.” The lagos state command boss Mr Hakeem Odumosu, while commenting on the crime, advised lagosians to be wary of the suspects parading as phone dealers.

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