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Social Media scatters as Cardi B files for a divorce.



Social Media scatters as Cardi B files for a divorce. Marriage is usually the union of two members of the opposite sex but its often backed with certain circumstances. Becalis Almanzer is an American rapper that got married to Offset behind close doors in 2017. Their matrimony which seemed the dream type to members of the public is filled with different holes as allegations of cheating and dishonesty tore the rap couple apart in 2018. The break up didn’t last for long as Offset apologised publicly on stage and the pair came back together.After three years of marriage, Cardi B can’t tolerate her marriage any longer. It’s just a proof that she isn’t happy with it anymore. So, she resolved to get a divorce.Her husband, Offset has been caught cheating not just once. Cardi B is disgusted with this attitude despite being married for three years. She tolerated his attitude all the while until now.Because of Offset’s attitude, he even abandoned Cardi B and her child even in labor. That was not a great treatment for a man to his wife. Cardi is set to call it off. Like a contract, the marriage is over.She’s currently fighting for the custody of her child in the divorce case. If she wins it, she will be a happy single mum. She plans to win the case by all means.

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