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Shame and Repercussions of fraud as Four Nigerian students hack a Philippine Bank



Trust is a factor cherished highly all over the world and people who lack this trait often find themselves in difficult situations. Since the creation of one of man best gift from education “Internet” was found, trust became a very delicate value to tamper with. Millions of people can write a story about how they got scammed on the net as a result of placing trust on unknown personalities.
Fraud is now taking charge of most countries even those with high security protocols like United Arab Emirates, United State of America, United Kingdom and many more. Recently, a case was filed against popular Nigerian Instagram influencer popularly known as Hushpuppi. The charges were based on several international scandals and the most vivid of them all is the accusation of frauding the U.S government on terms of providing air ventilators during the pandemic outbreak. This didn’t stop the law enforcement agents from discovering new fraudsters and scamming potholes. Last month, the most viral social media known as “Twitter” was hacked by unknown men that took control of rich men and women account in order to request for Bitcoin.
The recent case that brought about this writing is that of four Nigerian students that got arrested in the Philippines over their claimed involvement in an international circumstance that revolves round the hacking of banks and siphoning of foreign currency from banks in the country.
This isn’t the first time Nigerians would be involved in a similar case as the Chief Cybercrime Division, National Bereau of Investigation cleared the air on this incident in a statement. The suspected scammers are known to be students in the Asian country and we’re traced after they broke into the system of a Philippine bank and reportedly transfered P100million into another designated account.
Several investigation were made to clarify this fact before it got on air and the Bureau emphasized that the Nigerian citizens violated the Access Device Law and making fake copies of important public documents. This is an illegal act in which due justice shall be carried on as a reminder to any other lite scammers hiding in the shadows. The best way this errant disgrace can be stopped is if the Nigerian government interfere and stop this evil wave of fraudulent civilians.
The group of Nigerians are students who suppose to be learning overseas. Had they knew a dark cloud was hovering over them, they would have fled but this is a sound warning to others lurking in their shadow.

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