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Ozone’s ship might finally set sail as Nenji is seen hugging Ozo romantically



Love and lust are two different words when viewed closely. Members of opposite gender usually mistake these two words as one. There are couple of times men might not be interested in a lady but the lady’s seeking a relationship. It can be the other way round as ladies often prefer a friendly relationship than an intimate one. Love is a true feeling from one’s heart while lust is just a fast desire. One of the popular occasions these two phenomenon are put to use is the Big Brother Naija show in Nigeria where people are camped from the outside world for a short period of time then given different tasks in exchange for a platinum reward.
The show is one of its kind in the country and infact the largest reality show available in Nigeria. Housemates are camped for a maximum period of 51 days and then different assignment and task are carried out during this period. Housemates are to share beds which gives room for quick intimacy among them as the love-lust phenomenon is carried out. One of the most alarming relationship since the show’s edition of this year themed “Lockdown” kicked off is the Ozone Ship. This ship is cruised by fair skinned housemates Nenji and Ozo that seems to have a confusing pattern of relationship. Nenji seem to count Ozo and as close friend but Ozo’s desire is totally different as he wants a romantic bond. Nenji’s heart might be with her friend from the show’s beginning Kiddwaya as they have been seen couple of times in intriguing positions. She claims there’s nothing exotic between them but everyone understands her logic that she’s in the house to win the cash and not to fall for any man.
During the “Darling hair” task yesterday. Ozo gave Nengi a love letter . Due to the feelings Ozo has, he keeps pushing his luck despite numerous turn downs by Nenji.
Lastnight,after the housemates finished having dinner.Ozo was in the locker room barely dressed, while Nengi was looking for him.Luckily for Nengi, she found him dressing up in the locker room and insisted on giving him a hug. Ozo,knowing she was up to something mischevious tried to escape . But Nengi persisted and blocked all possible exit. Luckily ,Vee came along to assist her restrain Ozo,thereby making her quest more easy.
Two against one,the ladies suceeded.Nengi finally tickled Ozo and also received the hug she craved for. Fans also believe the duo will make a good couple.

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