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Ozo might be pushing too hard for Nenji as he receives his second strike.



Ozo might be pushing too hard as he receives his second strike. Ladies often tend to have a complex form of relationship as they might not feel the same way when it comes to loving members of the opposite gender. The Big Brother Naija house is one filled with drama as different categories of relationship are developed. The most exciting of them all is the Kiddrica ship in which housemates Kiddwaya and Erica made up. Their relationship was an obvious one from the reality show start as they are often fond of each other. Initially, the relationship brought doubts to the hearts of fans but all these speculations died when the pair were caught making love on TV. Erica’s case late got complex as she usually get into fights with fellow housemates most especially this year’s favourite Laycon. She broke a lot of rules which saw her off the show as she received her third and final strike. After her departure, the lovebirds spotlight was taken from her by the Ozone ship made up of Ozonaema and Nenji. The two fair skinned housemates are in a very complex form of relationship and infact a love triangle with Kiddwaya. Ozo loved Nenji right from the show’s beginning whereas Nenji is just trying to keep men at bay in order to retain her fans loyalty. Recently, Ozo received his second strike which would lead to his eviction if he gets another one. This strike was as a result of writing a love letter to Nenji as secrecy isn’t allowed in the BBN house. Upon all his struggles, Nenji merely said Thank you and that she would reply the letter later. Ozo is a kind of man that chases his dream and this seems to be an annoying trait to Nenji as he is always seen around her. Anywhere Nenji moves to, Ozo must surely follow. She discussed this personal privacy matter with him couple of times but it seems all her pleas fell on deaf ears. Ozo was adviced yesterday night by Dorathy that he shouldn’t try to push his luck as any slight error might lead to his final eviction. Ahead of Sunday’s eviction exercise, every nominated housemate is worried that he/she might not spend the next week at the BBN house. Do you think Ozo’s behaviour is right or he needs to calm down and strategize his game? Drop your comments below.

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