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Notable Points as Mason Greenwood and Phil Foden gets evicted from the England National Team



News as Mason Greenwood and Phil Foden gets evicted from the England National Team
Respect and honour is what is viewed as an essential element when it comes to succeeding in life. Youth often abandon this and it leads to bizzare consequences.
The Euro 2020/21 Tournament which has been postponed due to the virus outbreak has finally begun and different stars has been seen so far. Cristiano Ronaldo’s Portugal was crowned champion of the 2019/20 edition. England tried their best the last time but it seems they had no chemistry between team players. Being called up to the national team is one of the greatest moment any player could have. England being a five star team congested with different excellent players had a slight issue of selecting as the tournament approached. As the training began we got to see some of our favourite European/Premier League stars. Raheem Sterling, Marcus Rashford, Jason Sancho, Mason Greenwood and Phil Foden were among the elites called up to the team. Apart from Sterling who has played up to 4 years in the national team, all other names above got called for the first time and great expectations lied on their backs.
Mason Greenwood and Phil Foden are close friends even though they belong to rival teams. Mason being an under 21 player that had the chance to rise, made use of his golden opportunity and finally won himself a place on the first team infact Manchester United starting eleven.
However, indiscipline is the greatest obstacle in the road to success. After playing with Iceland the young player along with Foden were seen in a viral video sneaking girls into the team Hotel at Rekjavik which isn’t proper in line to the virus prevention measures laid by the Football Association.
The duo was caught and the manager concluded they shall be evicted from the National team ahead of their match with Denmark due to the policy violation. It will be a shame for them to return upon their first call to serve their nation. Gareth Southgate the England team coach has confirmed Phil Foden and Mason has been sent back to England since Monday due to protective measures. UEFA, FA and other football organization are however investigating the matter deeply as the Manchester duo are seen being confined in a room for questioning in on of sport news videos. Iceland’s police force has confirmed to Sky Sports News the players have each been fined 250,000 Icelandic Krona (£1,360) for the rule breach, which must be paid by the individuals themselves and not by the FA or their clubs. This fee should serve as a discipline to other youngsters trying to imitate the Red Devil player.

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