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Nigerian Delicacies couples without children should try



It is no doubt that couples without kids tend to eat foods balanced in diet, reason because they are no reserved foods to the couples. Kids at a very tender age are usually selective to foods they eat which will make the family adjust their diet due to the selective nature of kids. Some kids don’t like certain vegetables in their foods such as onions, lettuce, peas and many more. Here are some Nigerian recipes couples without children should try.
Nigerian Egusi soup
The Nigerian Egusi soup prepared from melon seeds is a very delicious recipe prepared by the major tribes in Nigeria in Yoruba the soup is known as Efo Elegusi, it is known as Ofe Egusi in Igbo and Miyan Gushi in Hausa. Egusi soup is a thick soup like Cassava flakes soaked in water with assorted meats and vegetables in it.
Egusi soup is one of the popular and delicious recipes in Nigeria.
Ingredient required to cook Egusi soup ;

  1. 4 cups of melon seed
  2. Desired quantity of palm oil
  3. Beef or chicken
  4. Cray fish
  5. Salt
  6. Pepper
  7. Vegetables (ugwu)
  8. Seasoning Cubes
  9. Bitter leaf(optional)
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Steps in preparing Egusi soup

  1. Prepare Egusi paste, blend the melons seed
  2. In a pot heat the palm oil for a minute till it steams up.
  3. Then add the stock from your cooked beef or chicken.
  4. Use a spoon to form Egusi balls from the paste then add it to the mixture.
  5. Leave to simmer for 30 minutes
  6. Add the cray fish and other assorted bits.
  7. Shred the pumpkin leave(Ugwu) into the mixture.
  8. Stir and leave to cook for 8 minutes.
  9. Add the shredded bitter leaf if you have .
  10. Add seasoning check and adjust till it’s ready.
    There we have our Egusi soup can be eaten with dishes like pounded Yam.
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Pepper soup
Pepper soup is an African soup prepared with assorted meats, chilli peppers, spices, Grounded peppers. As the name implies pepper soup it is a peppery soup with a lot of peppers used in the preparation.
Ingredient required

  1. Chicken, Beef or Goat meat
  2. Chilli pepper
  3. 2 Onions
  4. Salt
  5. Seasoning Cubes
  6. Thyme
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Suya which is a skewered chicken or beef marinated with different spices peppers. Suya is made by roasting the already spiced beef or meat. It is a delicacy particular to west Africans it is also eaten in Sudan known as Agashe. There is no special recipe for the preparation of Suya as it preparation varies.

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