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How the Ui of websites has changed over the years



How the Ui of websites has changed over the years. The first ever website was launched in 1991, it was created by Tim berner lee. Isn’t it amazing today how we have very cool awesome Ui(user interface) which is the theme of modern days websites. However, today there are over 20 million websites while most of them built today have very awesome, mind blowing User interface. The interface is just too awesome but have you ever wondered how websites would look back in 1991/1992 I would say it is not quite attractive as it is today. It’s basically a web page with just texts at that time one couldn’t add images to sites and use varieties of colors as we see today. Here is a break down of what went went on and what has improved over the years on the improvement of web pages. In 1989 the creator of the the web Tim Berner lee made a proposal to CERN company where he worked as a computer scientist but the proposal was rejected. After restructuring the proposal it got approved, he developed what we know today as the World Wide Web(WWW). while developed this he also developed some other technologies such as HTML(Hyper Text Markup Language), Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP) some set of principles in transferring data over the web server, URL(Universal Resource Locator) an hyper text link used in accessing a website from anywhere in the world. Back then the main technology used in building websites was HTML which only allows text and links to be added to sites at as then later on one could add images to a website. Another technology named CSS3 got released in 1996 with the main purpose of adding styles and beautifying web pages. CSS3 brought about a new way of styling our ugly web pages, with css we can add colours, shadows, positioning of various elements in a web page. Later on css got improved with as new versions got released and better styles of web sites are made. Then functionalities could not be added to websites such as timers, collapsing boxes, opening and closing menu bars could not be added since HTML and CSS are not languages they cannot be used to program the behavior of web pages. Then JavaScript got released in 1996 and it is popularly known as the language of the web. That’s the basic evolution of web pages from basic HTML pages to dynamic websites we have today.

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