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Five awesome apps you should have on your mobile phone



They are 2.8 million apps available for download on play store. This makes it tough to filter out trash apps and install apps useful for you. In everything there would always be two sides good and bad so as apps too have better apps and not too good apps, apps that don’t satisfy a purpose. Apps are mainly built to make life easier. Let’s walk through five apps which you might want and even get satisfied with on your mobile phone. Let’s go.

Sleep Talk Recorder
Sleep talk recorder is an app with over 6 million downloads on Playstore and a lot of positive reviews. Ever wondered if you talk while sleeping or you’ve been told you talk while sleeping and find it hard to believe this app is right for you. This is how the app works, it records any sound made after activation while the user is asleep, isn’t that cool! Of course it is.

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Horizon is a Picture, video camera and editor with special effects. Are you the type who forgets to record your videos with your phone placed horizontally for a higher screen resolution? If yes then this app is for you. Vertically taken pictures or videos can be rotated vertically. It other features are you can record your videos in slow motion, zooming in or out while recording has been made easier you just need to tilt to zoom, playback your videos in slow motion.

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Action movies Fx
Are you a fan of a super hero or an action movie and want to make your own super hero character, try action movies Fx. Action movies Fx is an app that allows you add holly wood Fx effects to the video you shoot. Another cool feature is it star wars effect, imagine shooting a star wars scene with all the effects right from your mobile phone, cool right.
Proof hub is an all in one project planning software with every tools needed to get your work done faster. It is some sort of an advanced to-do list with more features. It helps manage all your projects, teams with this app you can say bye to missed deadlines, late meetings and unaccomplished tasks. Gathering all of your tasks into one place is quite handy.
Sound cloud
Do you experience difficulties keeping up with latest music, songs from your favorite artist. It is more than just a streaming platform, artists can also upload and promote their songs right on sound cloud.

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