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Erica disqualified, prince and Kiddwaya evicted from the lockdown house



Erica disqualified, prince and Kiddwaya evicted from the lockdown house. Erica and Kiddwaya being one of the most recognized couple in the house, as Erica got disqualified last week for violating a number of house rules. Her supposed lover who was up for eviction last week alongside Dorathy, Ozo and prince. Sunday came by, a very difficult and tensed day for house mates put up for possible eviction. The eviction show began by 7 pm as the host Ebuka well dressed in his nice looking suit started the show. The show began as Ebuka asked housemates up for eviction to get on their feet as the usual it get’s tensed with the eviction sound playing in the background and Ebuka keeping the house mate in suspense he calls up prince and got him evicted from the lockdown house, prince embraced all the housemates and left through the exit door. Minutes after Prince was evicted Ebuka called up Ozo and Kiddwaya and as usual putting them up in suspense and evicted Kiddwaya. This came as a shock the viewers as people expected Ozo to get evicted before Kiddwaya but this time eviction was based on highest votes as prince and Kiddwaya got the lowest votes. Earlier on Sunday before the live eviction show the usual tradition where biggie calls the housemate put up for possible eviction into the diary room to converse with them. When asked by big brother the one housemate he would choose to say goodbye to and if he get’s evicted he picked Laycon and would say this to him “He would choose to say goodbye to Laycon Encourage him, remind him we have business to run outside the house, he’s proud of his music, proud of his story, any issues Laycon has with anyone, he can settle it outside, he should keep on smiling.”

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