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Drama in the B.B.N house as Ozo writes Nenji a love letter



The Big Brother Naija show is one which attract a lot of attention and audience from both it’s home country and abroad. This year’s edition themed lockdown has been giving fans a thrilling experience right from home as the competitive mode camped housemates are put in give rise to different strings of drama.
Of all the housemates that started the show(at least 20), only 10 remain. Rules are laid down as selected people are camped for a period of time to play a long series of games in which the winner at the end of the whole process will bag a sum worth 85 million naira. During this period of 30 days, housemates will be denied access to tech or any device that can link them to the outside world. Also violation of rules also have strong punishments as seen in Erica’s case who was disqualified for being rude, violent and making life threatning words.
Relationship are allowed cause that’s the major thing fans want to watch and so no strike is issued for that. An intimate relationship is always called a ship by the fans an various serious and unserious ship has been so far.
The Ozone ship is made up of fair skinned housemates Ozo and Nenji. Their relationship seem to be what many fans are interested in as Ozo true feelings are being toyed with by Nenji. The chemistry might not have any result if Nenji’s adamant shunning continues. Yesterday 3 love letters written by Ozo was given to Nenji. It was time for their Darling Hair Competition and other housemates have gone tosort their various tasks when Ozo called Nenji into the room and displayed the three letters he wrote out of his deep emotions. The reply he got was however shocking as Nenji was seen saying she would answer his request when she’s through with the task. Ozo is a man with good intentions but Nenji just seem to be flirting with different male housemates as she was caught zipping her cloth in the bathroom with Erica’s lover Kiddwaya.
Ozo already said that he hit a dead end as in the Ozone Ship case so will his last shot hit the bulls eye? Other housemates seem to keep themselves from entanglements as Nenji’s issue is already affecting Ozo’s performance in the game. The ability of this year’s favourite to win Laycon had been derailed by the feelings he have for recently evicted Erica though he is back to normal now.

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