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Cristiano Ronaldo breaks another world record as he scored against Sweden yesterday night.



Achievements are not something to ignore as everyone hopes to succeed one target rather than beating around the bush. Football is a game filled with passion, emotion and adrenaline. Also being honoured is what everyone values and in the world of sports it isn’t much different. Upon completion of the delayed 2019/2020 football season, various players have been called up to their country’s national team.
So far the most interesting international tournament aside from the World Cup has proved to be the European Nations Tournament. It consists of European countries grouped according to their distance and other factors. Players called up to international squad do try everything in their power to impress in order to be called up the next time.
Right from the start, viewers have been thrilled by different spectacular performances by European countries and that of Portugal seem to be one that can’t be sidelined. Portugal is a country filled with many talents and as a matter of fact won the world tournament last year. It’s the home to Manchester United star Bruno Fernandes and the likes of Athletico’s Jao Felix. However the most spectacular star from that country is the no 7 specialist Cristiano Ronaldo.
Cristiano has capped Portugal’s football team a couple of time and this normally lead into success though they can hold off opposition’s without him. Portugal started their title defence against Croatia by defeating them with a 5 goal difference. Cristiano Ronaldo wasn’t around then due to some miniscule issues he had to settle and also giving himself time to be fit though this didn’t give them the relaxation vibe as they continued their quest with Sweden and this time Cristiano Ronaldo started the match. He’s currently the second person to have the most goals generally in national tournaments. Having a total of 101 goals, he scored 2 out of this yesterday night as his free kick and sublime goal earned him the acheivement.
The former Real Madrid player left his club in 2018 to join Seria A giants Juventus after winning several milestone trophies at the Spanish Club. Cristiano also have his personal acheivement which seems to increase yearly as his age keeps gracing his performance. However, some still thinks he’s not up to Barcelona playmaker Lionel Messi and the way he contribute to his nation’s success ought to prove that wrong clearly. What’s your view about this? Kindly share at the appropriate section below.

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