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4 crazy prediction of technology in the future



4 crazy prediction of technology in the future

As each day keeps passing by technology also keeps evolving with new improvement and advancements. It would be quite crazy and fascinating to imagine what technology would be like in the coming future. People have different perception on this topic, technology enthusiast have many views on how the advancement of machines would make life better or otherwise. Just as the evolution of computers, computers were invented in the 1960s around 1964 or 1962 it depends on who you ask. Then acquiring a computer would cost a fortune and require a lot of space, it took a number of years before large computers to be compressed into small pocket size devices.
With the advancement of technology, most people work and lives depend on their smart devices. Imagine artificial intelligence going way advanced that most activities now become automated e.g self driving cars, automated mobile phones, advanced robots that can handle cleaning activities and many more you can imagine, isn’t that cool!. Human would end up depending on technology for their daily living and most of human activities would revolve around technology.

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I can bet you read this title and must be wondering what is NEURALHACKING?. Okay, have you ever wondered if it’s possible to read people’s mind. It’s only in movies we see things like this right? Yes and it seems almost impossible. If you were told in the 1960’s that there would be anything like a self driving car you would have argued with all your might that it is impossible now in 2020 would you still argue? No way, although self driving cars are not yet common but with time it would just be everywhere like our normal non-automated cars. Reading and translating brain waves through advanced machines.
With the universe being diverse, we have over a hundred thousand languages. Imagine having a Universal language translator, it could be in form of a micro-chip placed anywhere on the body that can translate and speak any language. This could solve the problem of language barrier amidst nations and one not requiring a translator to interpret.

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With every good development there is likely a negative aspect attached to it. The world runs on information, there could be a dark side if information is on the wrong hands. Manipulating ID cards, bank account details, manipulating the news we follow.

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